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Configuring WordPress 3 with Multisite and second-level domains

I would like to test if it works to serve more websites from one Wordpress installation. By default Wordpress supports subdomains (like but I would like to run the installation with second-level domains (SLD). This is described in this article. Maybe in the future Wordpress will support SLD, in that case I will report that in this article.

Why this article?
Yes, I know there are a lot of other howto’s about to install Wordpress Multisite. I did not find a correct one and it confused me. To install Wordpress Multisite for SLD is not complex, it is robust, but there are some tricky things that you need to know. That is why I wrote this article. Ok, let’s start!

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Wildcard domains DNS and local WAMP for website development

When developing websites on a  local WAMP installation, I often need control over the DNS. It is no problem to add a hostname to the Windows hosts file, but a wildcard in the domain does not work. For example you need a wildcard domain when installing Wordpress Multisite locally with subdomains. This article has the solution to add wildcards to your local WAMP installation, without installing Bind or other heavy DNS solutions.

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Add Tab to Search through your WordPress site with Chrome

Did you ever see in Google Chrome or Chromium the term “Press Tab to search” behind a site URL when typing in an URL?
This is very handy to search this site with Google, but is it possible to make this in your own site?
The answer is Yes, and it is easy to do this.
This article is made for Wordpress sites, but you can do the same with an another CMS only the PHP files are different.

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Show/display/write code in WordPress posts or pages

Code Highlight
Plugin CodeColorer: Werkt goed, heeft syntax highlighting, maar werkt niet met <pre> of <code>, maar met <cc>, dit is later wel op te lossen met een search en replace, maar zonder <cc> zou nog beter zijn. Heeft een vaste instelbare breedte, terwijl <pre> meeschaalt met de content.

Plugin WP-Syntax: Werkt ook goed, werkt met <pre>, heeft syntax highlight, heeft regelnummers etc, maar heeft geen verticale scrollbar

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Switch over from Drupal to your new WordPress installation

This article is the last part of the migration/conversion/import of Drupal to Wordpress. In this article we are going to switch to the new Wordpress installation.

Before we are able to switch over to the new Wordpress installation, we need to do the following steps. The tools you need depends on your installation or hosting provider. You can use FTP, SSH, webbased filemanager etc.

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Migrate/convert/import the Drupal 6 database to WordPress 3

This article contains all migration steps and the database conversion script.

Installation of Wordpress

  1. Download Wordpress and unzip this file on your webserver. Detailed instructions for installing Wordpress can be found here: Installing WordPress, install Wordpress first in the /wordpress directory.
  2. First create an empty database for Wordpress, to achieve this phpMyAdmin can be used
  3. Open the URL to your Wordpress installation and do the initial configuration.
  4. After the Wordpress installation, remove the post “Hello world” permanently, also remove the “About” demo page.

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