Howto translate my website information in Drupal

With the i18n module, it is possible to make a Drupal site multilingual, but the data such as site name, slogan, mission, etc. are not translated. But with a trick it is possible.

Adding Variables

Open the file: /sites/default/settings.php and add the following text:
/ **
* Multilingual settings
* This is a collection of variables that can be set up for each language when i18n enabled.
* These are the basic ones for Drupal core, but you can add your own here.
* /
$ conf [ ‘i18n_variables’] = array (

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White pages in Drupal admin

Some of the Drupal Admin pages did not work.
For example the menu: Home »Administer» Site Construction »Menus» Navigation

The problem seemed to be solved after disabling the various modules. But when I went looking for the module what causes the trouble, it was a bit random. In short, the problem was not in the modules, but the extra memory usage that the modules used.

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Setting up XML sitemaps module in drupal 6.X

As part of setting up my Drupal site I installed the XML Sitemap ModuleTaken from the project page: “XML Sitemap automatically creates a site map that conforms to the specification. This helps search engines keep their search results up to date“.  This is an important part of helping the search engines find my site and have an accurate list of the content on my site.  Because I am on Drupal 6 I used a dev version of the module because there is not a stable release available yet.  I am using the “6.x-1.x-dev” version.  Installation took me a little longer than I expected because I had to create a number of accounts with different search providers to obtain the codes that the module needed.  Here is a rundown of installing and configuring the module. (more detailed -albeit not entirely current- directions can be found here)

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Making a backup system

At this moment i am using Oleg's firmware on the Asus WL500g Premium. This device is used for Wifi router and samba server with usb hard disk and printer. I have also a Linksys NSLU2 with OpenSlug firmware as a NAS in my network. I want to backup this NAS automatically to the USB hard disk attached to the WL500g Premium. I found a nice description about how to do this here. This article describes exactly what i need, an "Easy automated snapshot-style backup".

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The best firmware for my Asus WL500g Premium

The original Asus firmware

The original firmware from Asus (version is good. This firmware version is stable and has a lot of nice functions, like:

  • QoS, which is easy adjustable.
  • Easy to attach hard disk and printer
  • And all kind of things what i should expect in a Wifi router

What do i need more?
After a few months working with this device, i have only one wish. An automatic backup.

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