Sending e-mails: Christmas Dates

In digital marketing, e-mail marketing strategy is well known, especially for all the benefits companies can obtain by using it. Well, one of the things you should know is that e-mail marketing not only works as a method to inform customers, but it is an ideal way for brands to have small details with their buyer persona, mainly on holidays, such as Christmas.

This article will explain why sending messages at Christmas or the end of the year is necessary.

It is a method to reinforce the image of the business.

Regardless of the sector to which the business is directed or developed, for example, a dentist in Tijuana, carrying out this act of sending a message will allow them to achieve more significant growth and positioning. Although it may not sound very credible, the truth is that, by using this strategy, companies will be able to obtain multiple benefits, which is why many companies worldwide make use of this technique, especially during important dates.

The benefits are obtained because customers feel closer to the brand and can have the company in mind, which is often quite complicated, especially when all businesses are constantly struggling to generate this action. Therefore, messages must contain content that allows customers to feel comfortable with the brand.

Allows customers to generate loyalty to the company

Another of the most sought-after objectives of companies is loyalty; with this method, it will be possible to achieve it. For this to be possible, it is essential that the brand remains active and sends promotions, discounts, gift cards, or memberships; this will allow them to take the first step and be interested in what the business offers.

Once the person is interested in what the company has to offer, it is time to create a follow-up strategy, which will be reinforced with e-mail marketing to feel special and taken into account.

It helps to have better communication with the client.

Traditional media have become almost obsolete tools for companies, especially when digital media have become the main channels for transmitting messages. Therefore, brands must use the different applications offered by the digital network, such as social media and e-mail.

E-mail has become one of the main channels for different companies to communicate with their customers. A clear example is the boutique hotel Todos Santos, which uses this medium to formally share with its guests.

It is the ideal way to thank

E-mail is usually a channel where there is more formality, so many brands use this medium to send messages to their customers as a form of appreciation. But for the content to impact customers, it must be addressed to the person (name), followed by the message, a motivational or emotional phrase depending on the date, and a farewell that makes it clear that it is from the brand.

As you can see, it is essential that during the e-mail marketing strategy, a particular emphasis is placed on Christmas or New Year’s Eve to thank the customer or achieve the objectives mentioned above.